What will I learn?

Our 90-minute Managing Remote Teams sprint session equips line managers with the skills and knowledge they need to manage their team remotely.

We deliver the session online.

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  • Remote Teams
    • Remote teams can out-perform proximate teams if the right processes are in place.
    • Issues can be grouped into three main areas: Isolation, fragmentation and confusion.
    • To combat these a remote manager must focus on Engagement, Cohesion and Clarity.
    • The importance of trust and resisting the urge to micromanage.
    • Moving to a ‘result’ versus ‘time orientation’ (output vs presenteeism).
  • Remote Managers
    • No new skills are required, but some existing management skills may take on new meaning or importance.
    • The purpose of the 1:1 agenda (not a status update), the cadence of the 1:1 agenda, the topics covered.
    • The thermometer gauge – getting a handle on how the team are feeling.
    • The kettle moments – creating unplanned touchpoints to create authentic interaction.
    • Coaching – a tool to empower and build confidence in remote workers. Creating a self-directed remote culture.
  • Remote Workers
    • What remote workers say they need.
    • The impact of time, space and culture on team dynamics – the HOW and WHEN we communicate.
    • Setting effective ways of working – the way we work together. Clear processes and cadence of communication.
    • The right communication tools for the right messages – exploring which ones are right for team meetings, collaboration, urgent responses etc.
  • Setting Commitments
    • The potential overload that the virtual world creates.
    • How to help team members to prioritise their tasks.
    • The importance of clarity in briefs. Sense checking the language, the why, the what, the when. The ability to check for understanding and the importance of playback.
    • Setting clear RACI roles and clear delegated authority levels.
  • Communication

    Tips for remote communication including:

    • the increased importance of asynchronous communication.
    • the role of video, social connection and empathy.
    • micro-inequalities.

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  • Post-training support from certificates, workbooks and a summary of the delegate feedback.

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