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Our Microsoft Visio training course teaches you how to use modern shapes and templates to create:

  • block diagrams
  • flowcharts
  • network diagrams
  • organisational charts
  • floor plans and more.

To attend no previous experience of Visio is required but you should have a basic understanding of PCs, including familiarity with a keyboard and mouse.

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For companies who need to train groups of staff either remotely or in-person.

  • One day course
  • Up to 10 delegates
  • Flexible in-house training dates
  • Face-to-face training
  • In-house or a venue of choice
  • Virtual training option

Dee Walters

Dee is an experienced and very likeable IT training specialist with over 15 years’ design and delivery experience.

His knowledge and experience has been gained from working with Public and Private sector organisations of all sizes. Dee has worked in the UK and overseas developing and delivering IT Training.

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Full Course Content

Overview of Visio

  • Visio Templates and Documents
  • Elements of the Visio Window
  • Visio Navigation
  • Scrolling and Zooming
  • Using the Pan & Zoom Window
  • Anchor and Autohide

Basic Skills: Creating a Basic Diagram

  • Using Stencils
  • Dragging Shapes from Stencils
  • Managing Stencils and Finding Shapes
  • Drawing Properties
  • Manipulating Shapes
  • Resizing and Rotating Shapes
  • Adding Text
  • Adding Text to Shapes
  • Rotating Text Separately
  • Formatting Shape Text
  • Adding Stand-Alone Text
  • Text and Fill Colours
  • Creating Custom Colours
  • Adding Patterns
  • Adding Drop Shadows

Creating a Multi Page Diagram

  • Copying Shapes
  • Repeat Duplication
  • Foreground and Background Pages
  • Applying a Background Page to a Foreground Page
  • Page Styles
  • Managing Shapes
  • Formatting Lines
  • Resizing and Relocating with Precision
  • Hiding Connection Points and the Grid


  • Connecting Shapes
  • Connecting On Drop
  • Cloning Shapes
  • Point-to-Point Connections
  • Shape-to-Shape Connections
  • Routing Connectors
  • Line-Curve Connectors
  • Applying Colour Schemes
  • Grouping & Stacking Order
  • Aligning and Distributing Shapes

Organization Charts

  • Creating an Organization Chart
  • Adding and arranging Subordinate Shapes
  • Editing/Adding Custom Properties
  • Organization Chart Data Wizard
  • Creating an Organization Chart from Data
  • Navigating a Multi-Page Organization Chart
  • Hiding Subordinates
  • Breaking Down an Organization Chart
  • Navigating Linked Pages
  • Changing Styles
  • Changing Spacing
  • Organization Chart Data Wizard
  • Creating a Cross-Functional Flowchart
  • Cross-Functional Flowchart Setup

If time permits:

  • Floor Plan
  • Creating an Office Layout
  • Adding Space and Walls
  • Adding Doors and Windows
  • Resetting the Ruler Zero Point
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Excel Training Business benefits

Visio Training – Business Benefits

By investing in people, you can give your team all the necessary skills they need to help support your organisation’s goals.

Excel Training Business benefits

Visio Training - People Development

Completing our Visio training course will give you additional skills you need to help support your career development.

Excel Training Business benefits

Flexible Visio Training Courses

  • Online or face-to-face in-house training
  • Individual delegates or group training
  • Flexible dates to fit schedules

Why choose TrainingU?

Excel Training Business benefits


Established over a decade ago by a team of knowledgeable training experts, we are passionate about delivering excellent training that makes a real difference.

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All our trainers are qualified and experienced Visio trainers that will deliver the highest level of training to you and your team.

Excel Training Business benefits


Working together with our clients, understanding their needs and desired learning outcomes, to deliver a personalised learning solution.

Your complete training solution

Excel Training Business benefits

Before Training

Our Skills Assessment will ensure staff attend the correct level of training. Based on results, we will organise the training sessions required, who will take them and the level to best match the skills needed.

Excel Training Business benefits

During Training

We provide first class training with highly experienced trainers. Courses include lots of exercises, practise and interactivity throughout, maximising learning whether delivered online or at your offices.

Excel Training Business benefits

After Training

We will grant you organisation free access to our suite of online Visio resources. In addition, we provide free post training support to ensure your staff utilise their new skills effectively.

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