What will I learn?

This session will help you become an effective user of Excel and teach to get the best out of your data and calculating totals. The magic of Excel lies in the use of formulas and how to fix or leave them moveable. During this hands-on session, you will gain valuable skills about how to create different types of calculations using formulae and functions.

This session is designed for those people who already have a basic understanding of Excel.

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  • Introduction to Formulae and Functions
    • Use arithmetical operations to create simple calculations including percentages
    • Understand the order of calculation
    • Create simple formula using brackets
    • Use quick functions to calculate the Total, Mean, Highest and Lowest of a range of data
    • Use relative and absolute cell references in calculations
    • Use the Name Box to name a cell and use this in a formula
    • Automatically fill a range of cells with a series of data
    • Edit and interpret existing spreadsheet data.

What’s Included in Our Courses?

We pride ourselves on delivering first class training that meets your staff’s needs. Here’s what to expect:

  • Your own booking specialist to help you choose the best training for your needs.
  • A choice of online or face to face training, delivered by our friendly and highly experienced trainers.
  • Free pre-course IT skills assessments to help establish which level of training is required.
  • Lots of interaction and practical examples to keep everyone focused and to embed learning.
  • Post-training support from certificates, user guides, workbooks and a summary of the delegate feedback.

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