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Half Day

This course is designed for new users of OneNote who want to learn how to use OneNote to collect and organise information together in one place.


On completion of this course, attendees will be able to use OneNote to collate and organise information into a Notebook of information pages. The course explores the methods used to input information into OneNote from a variety of sources such as email and the web. The course also looks at integrating OneNote with Outlook to share information and to remain organised using tasks.


Attendees do not need any previous experience of OneNote but must have a basic understanding of PC's, including familiarity with a keyboard and mouse.


Courses are delivered in 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.

What will I learn?
The OneNote Screen/Environment
  • - Notebooks, Sections, Pages and Subpages
Create a Notebook
  • - Create, Reorder and Rename Sections
  • - Insert Pages/Subpages
  • - Format page (Colour, Rule Lines, Page Size)
  • - Page templates
Creating Note Page Content
  • - Enter Text
  • - Separate or Merge Text
  • - Bulleted lists
  • - Insert Quick Tables
  • - Insert Pictures
  • - Use a picture as a background image
Useful OneNote Tools
  • - Screenshots
  • - Add Tags to identify items
  • - To-Do List Tick boxes
  • - Side notes
  • - Linked notes
Organise Notes
  • - Reorder Notes within/across sections
  • - Search Notes
  • - Print Notes
  • - Hyperlinks to Notes
Creating Note Page Content from Other Sources
  • - Print content to OneNote from MS Office documents
  • - Print content to OneNote from Internet Explorer
  • - Add web page content using the Send to OneNote icon
  • - Copy and paste existing content into OneNote
  • - Attach a file to a OneNote page
Outlook Integration
  • - Flag notes for follow-up
  • - Send emails to OneNote
  • - Add an Outlook task to OneNote
  • - Send a note as an email
Saving and Sharing OneNote Information (optional extra topic)
  • - OneNote file locations
  • - Save a page, section or a notebook
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