Team Building with Belbin Team Profiling

Team Building with Belbin Team Profiling

1 Day

Belbin team profiling can help you enable your team(s) to dramatically enhance their performance using the methods developed by Dr Meredith Belbin. We offer accredited Belbin team profiling to create team excellence by identifying strengths and weaknesses, building trust, honesty and respect and collaboratively establishing a positive plan of action to take forward.


The Belbin team building workshop will provide each team member with:

  • A better understanding of themselves, each other, and their preferred roles.
  • An opportunity to complete a series of tasks to achieve a team goal whilst utilising the strengths of all team members.
  • A practical action plan to take back to the workplace.

Pre-course preparation:

The Belbin Questionnaire:

  • As part of a facilitated team building event, we ask all participants to complete the online Belbin Team Roles Questionnaire to ensure accurate self-insights can be conveyed on the day.
  • The Belbin Questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete online, with no right or wrong answers. It is designed to highlight the team role each team member takes within a team and the associated behaviours that they are likely to display with the role.

What will I learn?
Defining Teamwork
  • - Exercise and group discussion to define teamwork and how a functional team impacts individuals and your workplace.
Analysis of your Belbin report
  • - To include self and team perception of your preferred role. An understanding on how this impacts your behaviour within the team. Practical tools to make the most of your preferred role.
Understanding the characteristics of Belbin Team Roles
  • - An understanding of each of the team roles including the strengths and limitations of each role.
  • - Use your team roles to maximise the efficiency and productivity of your team.
  • - Understand what might cause friction in your team and find solutions.
Utilising Belbin within the team
  • - Team challenge. A mix of team building exercises to help aid the understanding of each of the nine Belbin roles.
Sharing your preferred Team Roles
  • - Facilitated discussion with individual feedback.
Action planning
  • - An action plan for both the team and each individual to maximise the potential of the team.
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