Management & Leadership
Whether you are a supervisor, team leader or senior manager, our courses will help develop your skills as an influential and inspiring leader and great people manager.

Management, Leadership & Personal Effectiveness

Our Management, Leadership and Personal Effectiveness courses are aimed at individuals who wish to learn the important skills to transition to a manager for the first time, improve key management skills and ultimately step-up to become influential leaders.

We look to help improve your presentation skills, deploy key motivational techniques and build high performing teams in order for you to reach your maximum potential.


Sprint Learning Sessions

A series of high impact 90-minute training sessions to provide the relevant knowledge needed to boost performance whilst reducing time out of the company workflow. Delivered Face-to-Face at your office.

Stress Management - Managing everyday stressors


Change your reaction and relationship to stressful situations. Simple everyday strategies for managing stress and bringing your life into balance.

Learn how to:

  • Recognise the signs and key threats
  • Our personal resolve and how we respond to stress
  • Recognise 4 stages of stress and symptoms at each stage
  • Implications of stress on health and well being
  • Practical techniques to relieve impact of stress

Delegation - overcoming limitations to being successful


Add value to the company by learning how to delegate effectively and build a strong team by matching the requirements of the job to the abilities of the person.

Learn how to:

  • Recognise the benefits versus the barriers to delegating
  • Match tasks and individuals before discussing the process
  • Use the 7 step delegation process
  • Use learning styles and feedback methods

Improving communication - Optimise the value of people


Fascinating model to incorporate into communication principles that will help future thinking and behaviour to others.

Learn how to:

  • Build trust and promote interpersonal relationships
  • Explore the 4 quadrants of Johari Window
  • Increase communication and cooperation without ambiguity
  • Identify competencies and eliminate weaknesses
  • Identify suitable interventions to increase individual performance and expectations

Disrupting Conventions in your Marketplace


A tool to identify and disrupt established ways of thinking in your product category. Leading the way for truly market leading innovation.

Learn how to:

  • Recognise definition of conventions
  • Knowing when not to disrupt
  • Convention wheel tool to identify conventions and how to target them

Becoming More Assertive


How to stand up for your rights and say no without being aggressive.

Learn how to:

  • The definitions of Assertive, passive, aggressive and passive aggressive
  • Identification of where you are personally on the scale
  • Tips to raise your assertiveness

Creativity Tools for Effective Brainstorming


Understanding your creative brain - 6 tools to aid innovative thinking in your workplace.

Learn how to:

  • Outside in tool
  • Battleships tool
  • Matrix tool
  • Reframe tool
  • Scamper tool
  • Crystal ball tool

Getting your Message Across Impactfully


Whether it be a presentation, an email or a corridor conversation, achieve your desired outcome and make your message heard.

Learn how to:

  • Objectives and message
  • Audience considerations
  • Grabm's and Wiifm's
  • Communication structure

How to Handle and Pre-empt Objections


Even the best proposals will encounter barriers. This session will show you how to reduce the amount of objections you encounter and effectively handle the ones that do arise.

Learn how to:

  • Why objections occur
  • The Advanced Misnomer tool for pre-emption
  • The key steps when handling objections

Handling Nerves


Our bodies react to stressful situations, often in a way that can cause added anxiety. This session will help you understand the physical process of nerves and how you can make them your friend.

Learn how to:

  • What is going on in our bodies when we get stressed
  • Making nerves your friend
  • Ways to help control your stress; diet, breathing, exercise, cognitive restructuring and developing an internal locus of control

TrainingU provide a range of high quality Management, Leadership and Personal Effectiveness training courses to help you to meet your personal, team and overall business objectives to supercharge performance and deliver more profit to your bottom line.

If you need any help with finding the best course for you, please call us on 0333 344 6630

Creating the right learning programme for you
i-Cornerstones Learning and Performance Model

Our approach is to provide the skills and knowledge to increase productivity and achieve attitudinal and behavioural change, leading to long-term improved performance, increased employee engagement and retention.

Our i-Cornerstones Learning & Performance Model is a dynamic, flexible framework that outlines the TrainingU philosophy and key stage processes we work through to ensure we deliver the exact learning programme for your needs and within your budget.



How we deliver learning
Your Offices (in-house)
Your Offices

If you have a number of people in your organisation with the same training need, in-house training programmes are an ideal, collaborative learning solution.

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Our Training Venues
Our Training

Ideal for single/few staff member(s) that need development in a certain area. Sharing ideas and experiences with people from other organisations can be a huge benefit.

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Virtual Learning

Enabling staff to join live classroom training via web conferences. Ideal for organisations with multiple offices or where staff are geographically spread.

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Sprint Learning

High impact 90-minute training sessions delivered either face-to-face or virtually in targeted subjects, to boost performance whilst reducing your staff time out of the business.

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Managed Learning Services
Learning Services

As an extension to your in-house L&D team, we will look after all the planning and organisation of your staff training needs, from assessment of needs through to delivery and evaluation.

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