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Is ‘Tick box’ Training Draining Your Budget?

It’s not uncommon for the team at TrainingU to receive emails and calls along the lines of “we need time management training for some of our staff” or “we need customer service training for our staff to be more professional”…

Avoid ‘tick box’ training and achieve ultimate success


In scenarios like this, clients have identified an area which could be better within their organisation, however it’s important for our team at TrainingU to truly understand the bigger picture of our client’s training and development needs to ensure training isn’t just a one-off event but rather a fully supported learning and performance journey.

Achieving the company’s ultimate goals will not happen overnight or through one training intervention so it is essential for our team to fully understand our client’s short, medium and long terms goals to be able to help advise and guide the best training and development solutions for them and their staff in the long run.

Furthermore, it’s important that the training we do provide is right, has the desired impact and achieves the desired learning outcomes and through deeper discovery “we need X” can often turn in to “actually you need Y” or “actually you need X, Y and Z however first we need to do A, B and C”.

There are statistics which say over 80% of training budgets are currently wasted and we want to help our clients optimise the training process, add more value for our clients and maximise our clients’ training budget to achieve the greatest return on investment and drive tangible business results.

We’re yet to meet a client with a limitless training budget however even if the sky was the limit, it is essential that training is relevantand purposeful. It is absolutely unnecessary and unproductive to just do training for training’s sake and we urge clients to avoid using training simply as a ‘tick box’ exercise as this is unlikely to achieve any desired impact or lasting positive change within in the organisation and is ultimately a waste of time, money and resources.

The success of a business ultimately comes down to the people and we want to help our clients invest smarter in their people and smarter in the training they undertake, ensuring it is part of a bigger plan, learning process and development journey for clients’ staff and as a result will help achieve long-term success.

If you’re looking for training and to create personal development plans for your staff then speak to our friendly advisors today to see how we can best help and support you on your journey to success.

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