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Have you experienced our free pre-course skills assessment?

Here at TrainingU, we’re serious about training people to increase their effectiveness and efficiency, and strive to ensure that the right learner is on the right course at all times so that they receive the most relevant training.  We fully understand how frustrating it is for a learner to be on a course which is totally the wrong level, either causing them to trail behind or become bored due to knowing the majority of the course content already.  And how,  for an employer, this would seriously reduce the return on investment.  

This is why we took the decision to offer a free, pre-course skills assessment to all learners booking onto one of our IT courses, so that we can ensure we match the right delegates to the right level of training course. This online tool, which takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete,  asks a number of closed questions using known words and technical terms relating to the topics covered within each course outline.  For example, how confident someone feels in formatting a cell, or using a VLOOKUP formula in Excel.  And, as a result, it utilises a simplified scoring process that obtains quantitative information for us to share with the training organiser in the form of a report.

What’s unique about our system is that the results are analysed by a ‘human’, not a computer, so we are able to question the results and identify any areas that may need clarification.

So, what does the report contain?  Well, it suggests the best level of course for each delegate to attend, having defined the ‘skills gap’, the difference between what knowledge the learner has and the knowledge they would like to have, or need to have, in order to do a job.  And, it may also highlight any areas of concern that we find, such as a discrepancy with the level of course a delegate has requested compared to their existing knowledge and understanding, so that this can be addressed before the course takes place.

Who benefits from the report?  Well, everyone.  As a result of the pre-course skills assessment:

  • the learner attends a course confident in the knowledge that the topics will stretch them and expand on their existing skills so that they’ll get the most from their day
  • the employer/organiser can concentrate on the scheduling logistics, i.e.  grouping the delegates appropriately, whilst we assess skills and provide a report which can help to measure the results of the training
  • the trainer will be able to deliver the course confidently, knowing that the topics suit the group and that there is no mismatch of expectations

Head on over to our free Skills Assessment now.

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