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“Very engaging and Penny understood us to not be excellent Microsoft Excel users and paced the content and delivery accordingly. An awesome day spent learning from her. The course design was spot on for my usage and understanding considering I am intermediate Excel user. all items taught in this course were appropriate to my level – it was perfect”

“Kevin was great at explaining what needed to be done, and very wary of the time and his management of it, ensuring it was a seamlessly run course. Brief overview of more advanced aspects of Excel skills, hints and tips, would recommend to any user who uses Excel to analyse data, especially large amounts”

“Training was excellent. It was concise, clear and addressed all the areas that I was weak at with regards to using Microsoft Excel. The course was well structured and organised in a manner to allow clear understanding and of what was required to be learnt from each section”

“Dee was very helpful and easy to communicate with. Overall, the course was very informative and gave me a confidence boost with the knowledge received”

“Dee is an excellent trainer, he was very helpful and eager to answer questions about putting our skills to practice. The course was extremely useful”

“We could focus on needed points which was great. It is key to share with other participants”

“The trainer was excellent. The course was overall very good and useful for my work. Personally, I would have liked to have a bit more time to cover the materials and have more time to practice, but the group as a whole were happy with the pace”

“This course has been really helpful; I have learn some tricks that will help to automate more my excel files, spend less time and make less errors”

“This course will prove very useful in our working environment and will help with a lot of day to day activities”

“I believe this course is particularly useful for users wishing to automate a lot of their Excel files”

“Very good training - Good description of pivot tables and formulas as well as Excel tricks and shortcuts”

“It was great that we had the chance to gather the expectations and objectives from each participant. Thus the trainer was able to train exactly the areas and tools that help each participant in his day-to-day-work the most”

“Dee was vigilant and observant and noticed when people were struggling so offered advice and gave clear explanations. The whole course was very informative”

“Penny was very clear and helpful, she is an excellent trainer. I thought the course was productive and helpful, it has given me more confidence in using Excel”

“Really good, Penny was always ready to help, quickly and efficiently. The course was more than fit for purpose”

“Excellent introduction to Power Pivot. Great class with not too much information and it was great to get to know the tool and a lot of example and practice”