Database/Spreadsheet Development

Spreadsheet Development

If you find yourself struggling with an existing spreadsheet or maybe you are faced with creating a new spreadsheet but don’t know where to start, we can help.

Our spreadsheet Developers have a wealth of experience creating new spreadsheets and improving existing ones. We have developed many types of spreadsheets, for many different purposes.

We would establish what you need your spreadsheet to do and any challenges you face; this will then enable us to have a clear picture of what is possible, what the next steps would be and the costs involved.

Access Database Development

Sometimes a database solution, using Microsoft Access would be more appropriate than using an Excel spreadsheet or sometimes a combination of both is the best solution.

Our Excel/Access Developers would discuss the pros and cons of using either a database or spreadsheet approach to achieve your desired outcomes.

Here are some examples of spreadsheets and databases we have developed for other customers:

  • Access-Excel tool to automate the process of disseminating budget proposals to global cost centres; gather, analyse and consolidate proposal receipts; budget allocations and reporting
  • Access-Excel tool to automate the process of financial cost centre account allocations and re-allocations process
  • Excel tool to automate the process of consolidating and reconciliation of business expenses
  • Excel tool to track, consolidate, analyse and report on client income and costs from multiple sources (text, ODBC, spreadsheet); reporting to identify trends, patterns and anomalies
  • Access database to record, organise and report on graduate recruitment programme
  • Excel-Access: Marketing tool to analyse effectiveness of online promotions, revenues, costs and forecasting
  • Access: HR tool to track and report on staff movements
  • Excel: Dashboards to monitor conference and other commercial room occupancy
  • Access: Database to record and report on Corporate insurance processes
  • Excel: Financial planning and forecasting tool
  • Access: Training - bookings, rooms, trainers, delegates
  • Access: Corporate events management database
  • Access: Project Management Database – Monitoring projects from quote to delivery, including invoicing and job task management
  • Access: Case Management Database – Administering legal cases from start to finish, including time management and recording, fund management, case workflow
  • Access: Staff Management Database – Temporary staff assignment, including postcode and skill searches, job placement, wages and invoicing
  • Access: Tourism Booking Management – Vacation planning, flight and accommodation management, transfers and activities, booking management and invoicing
  • Access: Service and Sales Database – Engineer booking and equipment selling, including purchase ordering, job plotting, invoicing
  • Access: Warehouse Management – Stock levels, kit distribution, kit parts, distribution and part fitting. Contracts and territory planning
  • Access: Member Management – Memberships, renewals invoicing, corporate membership
  • Access: Event Management – Delegates, Session management, group bookings, dietary requirements
  • Access: Room Booking and Diary Management
  • Access: Advertising Space management, advertising placement, campaign selling and equipment maintenance
  • Access: Record Label sales and invoicing – New releases, import of sales figures, automatic invoice creation
  • Access: Fund management an virtual bank account system, including quarterly interest, and monthly statements
  • Access: Performance Audit database, maintaining and monitoring against key performance indicators
  • Access: Tactical Marketing campaign management, territory plotting, staff allocation, in-store questionnaires and analysis
  • Access: Recruitment System – Vacancy and applicant matching, and CRM
  • Access: Library maintenance – members, borrowing, and inventory management
  • Access: Manufacturing process management – design to production to invoicing
  • Access: Client marketing and bulk email for restaurant chain
  • Access: Procurement and project delivery management
  • Access: Chauffer car booking service – including asset plotting and client billing