Objection-Handling and Closing Workshop

Objection-Handling and Closing Workshop

3 Hours

No matter how compelling the presentation is, if a salesperson either crumbles when they hear objections or sees them as an invitation to a fight then all the good work unravels. With closing, even the most ‘sold’ of prospects is highly unlikely to commit unless we can confidently guide them ‘over the line’.

This intense, interactive and enjoyable workshop is an opportunity to understand what works, what doesn’t work and why. Participants will learn to love objections and to actively look forward to hearing them, recognising them as the ‘buying signals’ in disguise that they often are.


Delegates will learn a tried and tested formula for handling objections and some very reliable and durable closing techniques. There will be ample opportunity to practise both skillsets and the in-the-moment feedback about how the salesperson is impacting the prospect is nothing short of gold dust.

Pre-course preparation:

A list of the three trickiest recurring objections.

What will I learn?
Understanding what objections are
  • - Altering our mindset when we hear objections
  • - Why the objection you fear most keeps cropping up
  • - Why even the hottest prospects raise objections
  • - The most common mistakes in handling objections
A winning formula for handling objections
  • - ‘P-A-C-E-L-A-C’ sequence for objection-handling
  • - Why answering objections immediately is a deal killer
  • - How to bridge seamlessly from objection-handling to closing
Understanding the Prospect’s mindset at ‘Decision Time’
  • - How to use benefit summary to ramp up the prospect’s desire
  • - How to convey credible urgency
  • - How to use ‘fear of loss’ as a lever, not a blunt instrument
Closing Techniques
  • - Three tried and trusted closes to bring the sale home
  • - The power of silence
  • - The most common closing errors
  • - Controlling the crucial period between ‘yes’ and ‘actual paperwork commitment’
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