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This course is aimed at users who need to build both an intranet site and a SharePoint site for document management. This course is also for those users who are supporting others managing SharePoint sites. This course is based on using both the SharePoint COMMUNICATIONS site template and the TEAMS site template.

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Design and create an intranet site taking account of best practice models
  • Design and create a document management site taking account of best practice models
  • Delegates will understand the features of SharePoint Online and its role in Microsoft 365

This course is classed as a technical course and delegates should be used to working in browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

The training can be delivered either in your own Microsoft 365 tenant or alternatively, a separate training tenant can be provided by TrainingU.

This course covers both creating an intranet site and document management area. Should you require only one of these, please refer to our separate courses: Build a SharePoint Intranet Site or Build a SharePoint Document Management Area.

Book - Build a SharePoint Intranet and Document Management Area Training

For companies who need to train groups of staff either remotely or in-person.

  • 3-day course
  • Up to 10 delegates
  • Online or onsite training available
  • Flexible in-house training dates
  • Online user guides
  • Post training support

Duncan Dickinson

Duncan has spent the last 20 years training and consulting to many companies on Project Server/Project Online, SharePoint Server/SharePoint Online and the Power Platform; assisting companies to define and streamline their internal project management and document management processes and then setting up the applications to manage these processes.

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Full Course Content

Introduction to SharePoint for Site Owner

  • What is SharePoint and how does it work with Office365?
  • SharePoint Terminology
  • Best Practice of using SharePoint

Create Sites and Site Collections

  • Site or Site Collection?
  • When & where to create a Site
  • Create a Site
  • Site Templates
  • Site Themes
  • Apps & the App Marketplace

Create and Manage Document Libraries

  • Create a Document Library
  • Modify Library Settings and Policies
  • Configure and Manage Versioning, Approval & Check Out
  • The SharePoint Recycle Bin

Site Settings

  • Customise Site Navigation
  • Customise Site Settings
  • Manage Site Feature

Reusable Content in Sites, Libraries and Lists

  • Create and use Site Columns in Libraries and Lists
  • Create and use Document Content Types
  • Create and use Document Sets
  • Tenant Content Type Hub

Organise Content with Metadata within a Library

  • Folders vs Metadata – which is best?
  • Add Content Types to a library
  • Create, Modify and Delete Columns
  • Create, Modify and Delete Views
  • Use Views and Filters for Data Navigation


  • Create a List from a Template
  • Create a Custom List
  • Modify Settings and List Policies
  • Create, Modify and Delete Columns
  • Create, Modify and Delete Views

Customise Site Permissions

  • Understand the SharePoint Permissions Structure
  • Add and Remove Users in a Team Site
  • Create SharePoint Permissions Groups
  • Create Permissions Levels
  • Create Unique Permissions on a Library or List
  • Check User Access
  • Remove Custom Permissions
  • Hub Visitors group

Site Navigation

  • Join a Hub site
  • Global Navigation
  • Mega Menus
  • Quick Launch Navigation

Manage the Site Pages Library

  • Create and managing columns
  • Create and managing views
  • Set a site Home page
  • Create Site pages
  • Publish web pages

Manage Images, Videos and Documents

  • Create libraries
  • Use Stream for videos

Page Customisation

  • Add Sections
  • Configure Sections
  • Add Web Parts
  • Manage Web Parts

Create Web Page Templates

  • What is a template
  • Create a custom template
  • Use a custom template

Hero Web Part

  • Add the Hero web part
  • Web part display options
  • Configure the web part tiles and layers

Work with News

  • Add the News web part
  • News display options and limitations
  • Filter News

Work with Events

  • Add the Events web part
  • Web part display options
  • Add Events

Work with Quick Links

  • Add the Quick Links web part
  • Web part display options
  • Add Quick Links

Create Site Themes

  • What is a theme
  • How to create a custom site theme
  • Upload a custom site theme
  • Apply a custom site theme

Other Web Parts

  • Bing Maps
  • Weather
  • World Clock
  • Buttons
  • Call to Action
  • You Tube
  • Recent Documents
  • Sites
  • Twitter
  • Organisation Chart
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