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Our Advanced course is for regular users of Excel who want to broaden their knowledge and develop a structured approach to building more complex formulas.

Learn how to:

  • Create a variety of advanced statistical, logical and lookup functions
  • Further analyse data with PivotTables
  • Create multiple conditional formats
  • Use data tools to ‘clean up’ data lists
  • Apply data entry rules and restrictions
  • Apply worksheet/workbook protection

To attend this course you should have already completed our Excel Intermediate course or have equivalent knowledge. You should already be confident with: writing formulas; the basics of IF, SUMIF, COUNTIF, LOOKUP functions; creating a basic PivotTable; the basics of the Conditional Formatting feature.

Please note that VBA programming is not covered on this course. See our VBA Programming courses.

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  • Up to 10 delegates
  • Flexible in-house training dates
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  • In-house or a venue of choice
  • Virtual training option
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Dee Walters

Dee is an experienced and very likeable IT training specialist with over 15 years’ design and delivery experience.

His knowledge and experience has been gained from working with Public and Private sector organisations of all sizes. Dee has worked in the UK and overseas developing and delivering IT Training.

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Full Course Content

Multi-Criteria Statistical Functions


Logical Functions

  • IFS function v Nested IFs
  • IF with AND, OR functions

Beyond Basic Lookups

  • Combine VLOOKUP with other functions
  • INDEX and MATCH for more flexible lookups
  • Error trap with IFERROR & IFNA
  • More complex lookups with XLOOKUP

Data Validation

  • Explore Data Validation Types
  • Setup Rules for Data Entry
  • Highlight Invalid Data
  • Create Dropdown Lists
  • Display Help and Error Messages

Formula Auditing

  • Use Worksheet Auditing Tools
  • Trace Dependent and Precedent Cells
  • Error Checking

More on Conditional Formatting

  • Manage Multiple Rules
  • Create Custom Rules

Data Tools to Manipulate Data

  • Remove Duplicates
  • Review Flash Fill
  • Use Text to Columns
  • Use Text Functions to Manipulate Text

PivotTables and PivotCharts

  • Group Items in a PivotTable
  • Group Date Items in a PivotTable
  • Change Calculation Type
  • Create Calculated Fields and Items
  • Reference Cells within a PivotTable
  • Set PivotTable Options
  • Create and Edit PivotCharts
  • Connect a Slicer to Multiple PivotTables


  • Protect Cells and Worksheets
  • Password Protect a Workbook
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Excel Training Business benefits

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Excel Training Business benefits

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Excel Training Business benefits


Established over a decade ago by a team of knowledgeable training experts, we are passionate about delivering excellent training that makes a real difference.

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All our trainers are qualified and experienced Excel trainers that will deliver the highest level of training to you and your team.

Excel Training Business benefits


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Excel Training Business benefits

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We will grant you organisation free access to our suite of online Excel resources. In addition, we provide free post training support to ensure your staff utilise their new skills effectively.

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International SOS Pioneer DJ

The IT courses run by TrainingU have been extremely well received by all that have attended them. The company has been supportive, flexible and attentive, going the extra mile to ensure that the courses are a success. All trainers and staff have been professional and pleasant, helping the whole process run smoothly. I am very happy with the training we have received and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.


"The Presentation skills training we receive from TrainingU is excellent, well delivered and the trainer is exceptional."

"International SOS is a truly global company with 12 000+ employees and we have been working with TrainingU for 3+ years. With TrainingU, we feel like valued customers as they are able to adapt to the wide variety of requests we give them. Be it working with different time zones or training a wide population or exploring new topics, they always overdeliver and are a pleasure to work with. The professionalism, positivism and expertise that the trainers bring is like no other and make TrainingU's Microsoft office training a robust part of our L&D curriculum. A big thank you to trainers Dee Walters and Martyn Hale. Our employees look forward to every session. Thank you and we look forward to continuing this partnership!"

Fransien Hermans, Europe L&D Lead, International SOS

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