What will I learn?

Our Microsoft OneNote training course teaches you how to collate and organise information such as text, images, audio and video in an electronic notebook.

You’ll learn how to input information from a variety of sources such as: Outlook, Word, Excel and the web and how to use the sharing and collaboration tools.

To attend this course you should be comfortable using Microsoft Windows and Office in a work environment.

Click on the topics below for more detail of what is covered.

  • Overview of OneNote
    • OneNote Versions
    • Access OneNote Online
    • Navigate OneNote Online
  • Notebook Management
    • Create a New Notebook
    • Open and Close a Notebook
    • Delete and Rename a Notebook
    • Open a Notebook in the Desktop App
  • Working with Sections & Pages
    • Create and Rename Sections and Pages
    • Move and Copy Sections and Pages
    • Delete and Restore Sections and Pages
    • Insert Space in a Page
  • Adding Notebook Content
    • Enter Text and Tables
    • Dictate Text
    • Bullets and Numbering
    • File Attachments & Printouts
    • Links
    • Spreadsheets
    • Pictures
    • Audio & Video
  • Using the Drawing Tools
    • Use Pens and Highlighters
    • Erase Markup
  • Tag Notes
    • Add Tags
    • Create To Do Lists
    • Create Custom Tags
  • Formatting Notes & Pages
    • Format Text and Paragraphs
    • Change Page Colour
    • Set Rule Lines
  • Sharing and Collaborating
    • Share a Link to a Notebook
    • Share a Link to Pages and Sections
    • Move a Notebook
    • Show/Hide Authors
    • Page Versions
    • Stop Sharing
  • Searching Notebooks
    • Search Sections and Pages
    • Search for Text and Tags
    • Search Across Notebooks
  • Integration with Outlook
    • Insert Meeting Details
    • Email a Page from OneNote
    • Send an Email from Outlook
    • Outlook Tasks
  • Other Features
    • Printing Notebooks, Sections and Pages
    • Keyboard Shortcuts

What’s Included in Our Courses?

We pride ourselves on delivering first class training that meets your staff’s needs. Here’s what to expect:

  • Your own booking specialist to help you choose the best training for your needs.
  • A choice of online or face to face training, delivered by our friendly and highly experienced trainers.
  • Free pre-course IT skills assessments to help establish which level of training is required.
  • Lots of interaction and practical examples to keep everyone focused and to embed learning.
  • Post-training support from certificates, user guides, workbooks and a summary of the delegate feedback.

Why Choose To Learn With TrainingU?

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