<p>The main objective of this course is to introduce attendees to the basic commands, functions, and capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.</p>


Keyboard and mouse experience and ideally have a good working knowledge of Windows.


<p>Courses are delivered in 9.0, X, XI and DC’.</p>

What will I learn?

  • Introducing Adobe Acrobat
    • Different types of PDFs
  • The Acrobat Environment
    • Overview of the work area
    • The Tools Tab and Tools Pane
    • Navigate around a PDF
    • Use Search features
    • View in Full Screen Mode
  • PDF Pages
    • The Pages Pane
    • Move and Delete pages
    • Extract pages
  • Add Bookmarks
    • The Bookmarks Pane
    • Create Bookmarks
    • Edit and delete Bookmarks
  • Create and Combine Adobe PDF Files
    • Create PDFs from different formats
    • Combine Files
    • Organise Pages
    • Insert a blank PDF page
    • Create PDFs from Microsoft Office Files
    • Create PDFs from Web Pages
    • Set Open options for a PDF
  • Edit PDF Documents
    • Copy and paste text and graphics
    • Make changes to text
    • Extract text and images from PDF
    • Save a PDF as a Word® document
    • Add URL links
    • Edit Links
    • Renumber pages
    • Make changes to images* in a PDF file
    • (*requires other software such as Photoshop / GIMP or other image editing software)
  • Rich Media
    • Add MP3 Sound files into a PDF
    • Add an MP4 Video file into a PDF
  • Use Acrobat in a Review Cycle
    • Setting and changing Comment Authors
    • Highlighting Tools
    • Using the Pencil and Line Tools
    • Work with Notes, Stamps and Comments
    • Summarize comments
    • Print documents with comments
    • Custom Stamps
    • Text annotation features
    • Exporting and importing comments as FDF files
    • Attaching notes to documents
    • Attaching files to documents
  • Control File sizes of PDFs
    • Create compact PDFs
    • Bitmap resolution and compression explained
    • Font Embedding explained
  • Redacting
    • Mark-up text to Redact
    • Mark-up image areas to Redact
    • Apply Redacting
  • Acrobat Security
    • Add security to PDF files
    • Add passwords
    • Open password-protected files
  • Recap and Q&A and Feedback

How We Deliver

We currently deliver all training online to comply with the Government's guidelines.

How we Deliver

Online training works well for businesses whose staff are mainly working from home.

It allows us to train all of your staff with the same training needs at the same time. Your people simply log on from home, using details provided in advance by our team.

Choose from Watch and Learn sessions for larger groups or interactive hands on sessions for smaller groups.

When permitted we also offer face to face training at your offices.

All sessions can be customised to a half day or 90 minute sprint session and tailored to fit your needs, covering the topic(s) within a course that are most important to your business.