Who are Focusrite

Focusrite plc is a global music and audio products group that develops and markets proprietary hardware and software products. Used by audio professionals and amateur musicians alike, its solutions facilitate the high-quality production of recorded and live sound.

Training Requirements

When Focusrite Audio Engineering approached TrainingU in 2016, they had recently experienced a period of enormous growth, becoming a £50 million turnover business. Throughout this growth phase, they had retained the existing Directors and Senior Management team, and as the business continued to grow and diversify, these managers were facing new challenges as they were driving the business to the next level.

Focusrite were keen to take this opportunity to support the learning and development needs of the Directors and Senior Management team, ensuring they were equipped with the capabilities required to maintain the continuing growth levels in the changing business environment.

Training Solutions

In order to support Focusrite with their development needs, we created a competency matrix that would enable a full learning needs analysis to be conducted. We designed and facilitated a 360-feedback evaluation on each of the directors based on the matrix, and held half day interview sessions with them on both the matrix and their 360-feedback.  A report was then presented back to the board on each director’s focus areas and the business’ key learning priorities.

As a direct result of our recommendations we:

  • Developed a prioritised training plan for each department
  • Implemented a Management Programme aimed at the next level down from the board
  • Facilitated a ‘Teams and Tasks’ session to establish whether the role and responsibilities were optimised for two departments
  • Designed and delivered Mentoring Training for both Mentor and Mentees, to support their formal Mentoring Programme
  • Ran Communication Workshops cross departmentally to ensure open and brave conversations happen across the business

Results & Feedback

Following our development work, we conducted interviews with each of the board of directors to discuss and explore the behaviour changes that had occurred both within themselves and their team. The management team also took the initiative to set up a management forum, to connect regularly outside day to day activities, and build on what they learnt. The key impacts were a significantly perceived increase in Employee Engagement from Middle Management, and much improved communication departmentally.

Feedback Facts

  • On average, the delegates commented that they would be very likely to recommend the Communications Workshops to a colleague
  • After attending the training, the delegates’ confidence rating rose by up to 70%
  • Words used to describe their learning experience: thought provoking, worthwhile, high value, practical, revealing

Delegate comments

“This programme taught me how to address situations calmly and confidently.  The skills picked up during the course will undoubtedly come in use”

“The programme comprehensively brought clarity to a wide range of work-related topics, which will not only make me a better manager, but a better leader and better worker.”

“Jo delivered another excellent session. Insightful on the topic and will definitely help in the future”

“I feel much more confident and well equipped for a future role.”

Client Testimonial

“There are many training companies around these days, and our main aim was to find...”

Simon Holt – Engineering Director, Focusrite Audio Engineering Limited

There are many training companies around these days, and our main aim was to find one which could work with us, not just provide a slide show training session.

We’ve been working with TrainingU for over 2 yrs now, on a combination of tailored Management and Effectiveness training modules, delivered in house to provide the opportunity to as many people as possible. We wanted the training to be a fit with our culture and values, and being able to work with Jo to tailor the material to fit with our needs, was vital for this.

Besides relevant content, I believe one of the keys to a successful training session is the ability and style of the trainer. It was great to find someone who can quickly read a room, and adapt the approach, tone, and pace, to make it relevant and engaging for whoever is attending. TrainingU have provided a great platform, from which Jo has successfully provided training to almost every member of the company, at all levels.”