Adobe Photoshop Foundation

Adobe Photoshop Foundation

2 Days

(This course can be tailored for one day)


This course is aimed at new and novice users of Adobe PhotoShop


At the end of this course, attendees will be able to confidently begin using PhotoShop to manipulate images and photographs and prepare them for print or the web


Familiarity with Windows or Macs


Courses are delivered in CS5, CS6, CC.

What will I learn?
The PhotoShop Environment
  • - Differentiate between raster and vector graphics, Work with navigation tools, Customize the Photoshop environment and menus
Open and Saving Files
  • - Exploring Adobe Bridge, Opening and Saving files into different formats and creating new files
Image and Colour Basics
  • - Determine display and print resolution, resampling, cropping images, RGB and CMYK colour models, Colour management, creating Duotones, Defining Foreground and Background colours, using the Colour Picker, Colour palette and Swatches palette
Contrast and Colour Correction
  • - Altering brightness/contrast and colour balance, using histograms, using the Auto commands
Selecting Areas of an Image
  • - Using the Marquee and Lasso tools and the Magic Wand, Feathering, Modifying, Transforming and Saving selections.
Retouching and Editing Tools
  • - Using the following tools"Clone stamp, Healing brush, Spot healing brush and Patch tool, Dodge, Burn, Sponge, Sharpening tools and the Eraser
Working with Layers
  • - Creating layers, merging, flattening, linking and locking layers, creating adjustment layers and using layer styles
Working with Type
  • - Creating Point and Paragraph type, Character and Paragraph settings, creating Type effects
  • - Converting selections to Paths, using the Pen tool and exporting Paths
Channels and Masks
  • - Quick mask mode, the Channels palette and using Layer Masks
Saving Completed Images
  • - Saving images for use in print applications, the web and PDF.
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