Adobe InDesign Foundation

Adobe InDesign Foundation

2 Days

(This course can be tailored for one day)


At the end of this course you will be able to confidently begin creating new visually compelling design layouts and output them successfully to PDF.


Familiarity with Windows or Mac


Courses are delivered in CS5, CS6, CC.

What will I learn?
The Work Area
  • - Using palettes, the toolbox and menus, opening, saving and closing files, navigation techniques, customising the work area, preferences and defaults and file export.
Setting up New Documents
  • - Creating documents, setting up master pages and using ruler guides, smart guides and grids.
Shapes and Frames
  • - Drawing and editing shapes and frames, creating and using colour swatches, tints and gradients, filling and stroking shapes and transforming objects.
Textual Content
  • - Placing and flowing text, import options, linking/unlinking text frames, entering special characters, using the story editor, using Find/Change and the Spell checker.
  • - Formatting text and exploring the wealth of typographical control offered by InDesign.
Working with Styles
  • - Defining and applying character, paragraph and object styles, using nested styles, removing styles from selected text, importing and deleting styles.
Working with Images
  • - Placing images and other InDesign files, using multi-file place command, modifying graphic frames and their contents, using the spacing tool, creating in-line frames, wrapping text around objects and managing links.
  • - Using layers to group and separate objects, working with the layers palette, creating layers, moving and copying objects between layers, merging and deleting layers.
Special Effects
  • - Creating and handling transparency, using feathering, drop shadows and gradient feathers, applying effects independently to an object's stroke, fill, or content.
  • - Creating and editing tables, adding content and formatting tables.
Object Libraries
  • - Discovering the flexibility of object libraries for common reusable assets.
Preflighting, Packaging and Output
  • - Using the preflight command to check the integrity of a document, using the package command, print menu and PDF export command.
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