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Paul Wherly


Paul Wherly

Paul has worked in the IT Training sector for over 25 years’ providing training to organisations spanning many industry sectors including Legal, Banking, Oil and Gas, Catering, Entertainment, Food & Drink.

He brings a wealth of understanding and knowledge, specialising in delivering Microsoft application training such as Excel, Access, VBA and Visio along with bespoke applications such as FileSite, Docs Open, Hummingbird and Microsoft SharePoint.

Paul strives on involving learners in training sessions, focusing on how they will use software products in practice and thus leading to a measurable increase in productivity.

He is a member of the Learning and Performance Institute and holds the TPMA and COLF qualifications. Outside of work Paul can be found walking up the occasional Welsh mountainside and sliding down the other side. He also likes swimming in the Olympic pool at Stratford but often wonders why 50 metres feels like 20,000 leagues under the sea and this is after a single length. Oh to be Michael Phelps!


"Excellent trainer - one of the best I have seen. Kept me interested all day and worked at a perfect pace"

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