Skills Assessment

Which level do you need?

To maximise your investment in training, it's vital that you pre-qualify the knowledge of your staff to ascertain the relevant and most appropriate level of training required.

Great news; TrainingU take all this expensive hassle away from you. We have a simple, user-friendly online Skills Assessment that you and/or your employees can complete in 5-10mins, saving you hours of administration.



Skills Assessment Portal

For total convenience, TrainingU can provide you with your own management portal; a central place to view and manage your staff’s results.

The power at your fingertips:

  • Unique customer skills assessments provided to send out to staff for completion
  • Staff complete a 5-10 minute questionnaire to identify the gap in knowledge
  • Results are instant on screen, so the outcome informs of the best, most productive level of course to attend
  • As the manager or person responsible for organising the training, you can log-in to the portal to see and monitor all of your staff’s results and what course will be the most beneficial to attend
  • Once all questionnaires are complete, and all the relevant courses are recommended, you can then sort and organise these into the most appropriate groups for training
  • Then one phone call, e-mail or text to book the group in and it's done!

All this from 33p per assessment

With an initial set-up fee of only £99 + VAT which covers up to 300 assessments, having your own management portal works out as little as 33p per skills assessment taken. The price of this portal is fully refundable when any Microsoft course booking is made within 3 months of the portal set up date.

Higher volumes of users can be accommodated - POA

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