How We Deliver

How We Deliver

Managed Training Services

When you don't have the time or company resources to organise and deliver training to your staff on a regular basis, TrainingU have the ability to manage the entire process for you in order to maintain and boost your company performance.

TrainingU will act as your own virtual training department, assessing your staff through to certification and detailed measurement of ROI.

Outsourcing your training requirements either fully or in part to TrainingU as a strategic partner will take any burden off your shoulders.

Our long experience in delivering fully Managed Training Services means we can offer a wide range of advantages to your business:

  • TrainingU can manage your complete learning portfolio, targeting competences needed and knowledge required at individual, team and business level.
  • We will reduce your overall training costs and improve productivity through efficient delivery formats.
  • If we cannot deliver certain courses ourselves through our own highly-skilled trainer network, we will seek the best in class alternative providers and manage them on your behalf.
  • We can help you plan your training programmes out into the future driving a high-performance and continuous improvement culture.
  • Regular reports will be provided outlining your Return On Investment and measurable improvements on your company Key Performance Indicators.
  • Every aspect of our Managed Service is targeted at supporting your training environment.
  • Through the most effective training, we will boost your company performance and improve your bottom line profits.

We are happy to work alongside you to take the pressure off your internal training team with a lighter touch or take ownership of complete projects to free up your time to focus on your business.

Call us TODAY on 0333 344 6630 to discuss options of our Managed Training Services, this approach will boost your company performance and profits.