How We Deliver

How We Deliver

At your offices

When you have a team development and training requirement to boost business performance, an In-House training session held within your company premises is a very powerful, convenient and cost effective solution.

In-house training benefits:

  • Reduces your teams time out of the workflow
  • Often leads to a higher retention of information as your staff can better relate to greater business relevance
  • Feedback indicates that delegates are often less nervous, learning in familiar surroundings
  • You can add, substitute or withdraw staff members at very short notice
  • Reduces travelling, catering & hotel expenses
  • Staff are on your site to deal with any unforeseen business emergencies that may occur

5-easy steps:

It's really easy to organise and book a TrainingU In-House course:

Step 1: Proposal

  • Brief us on the training you require and the number of staff and we will provide a rapid proposal listing everything you need and any options you may want (e.g. laptop hire) to make things really easy for you to deliver this for your staff.

Step 2: Designing the course & assessing your staff

    • Following your briefing, our focus is to provide the most relevant training content for you. We design all of our training plans to align with your exact goals and objectives.

    • Before any course we send you a link to our pre-course online skills assessment in order to understand your knowledge or the knowledge of your staff to ascertain the relevant and most appropriate level of training required. This maximises your investment in training.

  • We design your training sessions to include your company working examples, this gives your staff the ability to see how the course can be applied in practice and is therefore relevant to both their specific job role and their individual development.

Step 3: Delivery options

Training can be delivered at your offices or if numbers are high we can organise a suitable venue. We can deliver training in a variety of ways with the more popular being:

    • Group classroom face-to-face training
    • 1-to-1 training
    • Clinics/Workshops
    • Sprint sessions (90-min classroom - short burst training)
    • Virtual sessions (using Webex)

Step 4: Booking, admin and course delivery

      • You let us know the dates you need, we send the booking form (inc the Trainer details) and you send back confirming date(s).

      • TrainingU will also send a pre-course information request form just to complete the picture regarding lunches, equipment required, nearest tube stations, parking, laptops hire, etc.

      • 1-week before the course we will send you a Course manual (PDF) which you can distribute to your delegates (this is a post-course reference guide really, however can be used if your staff want to get a head start on the course material).

      • 2-days before the course we will courier laptops to you (if you have chosen to hire these to make life easy, although your staff can use their own).

      • Our Trainers will often ring you direct a few days before the event just to check everything is in place for you.

      • Deliver course on the day.

      • Bingo - training complete! Performance Boosted!

Step 5: After the course - measuring your success and ROI

      • On our Office Apps courses your staff are given a link to provide course feedback which is a fast, simple multiple choice format (this normally takes place in the final minutes of the course). On the Management, Leadership & Personal Effectiveness courses, this is a paper-based form as it's more comment driven than multiple choice.

      • Our Trainer provides a report to us on who attended and any feedback for us to evaluate.

      • TrainingU provide all feedback forms and certificates (if applicable) to you for all of your individual delegates.

      • 8-weeks after the course, follow-up surveys can be issued to establish how well the skills have been transferred and how much support your staff have received. We use this survey as the basis of our success in delivering future training programmes.

Life-time support: 

Every Office Apps course comes with life-time support, so your employees can refer to their PDF course manual or email us for the advice they need - forever!

Call us TODAY on 0333 344 6630 to start the Easy 5-Step process and boost your company performance and profits.