How We Deliver

How We Deliver

The knowledge to perform

Increasingly people are seeking to learn at work based upon immediacy, how we learn in real-life, and their demands to learn on-the-go inside the workflow. They only want relevant content at their moment-of-need to provide the knowledge to perform their tasks efficiently, faster and better to maximise productivity.

Active and collaborative learning is proven to be the most effective way to achieve improved performance, however the emergence of smart devices and on-demand knowledge platforms has presented the opportunity to deliver learning when, where and how it's required, as well as reducing the need to retain information.

At TrainingU we have studied this insight in detail and have developed the most efficient training platforms and formats to maximise your return-on-investment and deliver the knowledge you need to perform...


At Your Offices

At your offices

When you have a team development and training requirement to boost business performance, an In-House training session held within your company premises is a very powerful, convenient and cost effective solution.

If you have a number of people in your organisation with the same training need, in-house training programmes are an ideal solution.

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At Our Training Venues

At our training venues

When it's just for you or you have a single/few staff member(s) that need development to boost performance, an Open training session held at our centre(s) is a very powerful and effective solution.

Sharing ideas and experiences with people from other organisations can be a huge benefit.

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Virtual Classroom

Virtual classroom

Our Virtual Classroom Training courses enable you to join live classroom training via web conferences without leaving your home or office, reducing cost and time on travel as well as being interactive, engaging and fun.

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Managed Training Services

Managed training services

When you don't have the time or company resources to organise and deliver training to your staff on a regular basis, TrainingU have the ability to manage the entire process for you in order to maintain and boost your company performance.

TrainingU will act as your own virtual training department, assessing your staff through to certification and detailed measurement of ROI.

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Skills Assessments

Skills assessments

To maximise your investment in training, it's vital that you pre-qualify the knowledge of your staff to ascertain the relevant and most appropriate level of training required.

Great news! TrainingU take all this expensive hassle away from you. We have a simple, user-friendly online Skills Assessment that you and/or your employees can complete in 5 mins. Saving you hours of administration.

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If you are unsure which training format is the most effective and powerful for you, please call the TrainingU team to discuss your aims and we will be happy to guide you and help you choose the delivery platform which is best for you.

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